Slash up your 350gsm stock and
keep a digital business card on hand anywhere, anytime.

Slashcard is a memorable way to keep and share business cards. No apps to download and no account to manage. Just a simple /Card/ URL and the camera on your smartphone.

Why ?

Let's improve the act of swapping cards without over complicating things.

People have been exchanging paper business cards for decades. It's a very human ritual: passing a small and delicate object, a momentary pause to acknowledge a new acquantance's name and details, the anticipation of what may lie ahead for this new relationship.

The smartphone era has led to countless attempts at "fixing business cards" with mobile apps, barcodes, bluetooth and bumping electronics. These are all clunky and socially awkward alternatives that will never be widely understood or accepted.

It's time for a fresh approach.

With a digital /Card/, exchanging cards is simple

  • Design and publish your card. Bookmark it on your phone.
  • Meet and greet. Ask if you can snap a photo of your new acquantance's card.
  • Flip from the camera to the browser, load up your /Card/ and ask them if they'd like to do the same.

Here are a few cards we prepared earlier:

Submit Your Template

by Your Name Here

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Submit Your Template

by Your Name Here

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Made your own template and want to share it with the world? Cool beans! Make a pull request on this repo and add it here.

Easy. Just add a page to your website, and start creating your card. Choose from one of the pre-made templates or roll your own.

We recommend the following guidelines:

  1. Use a size ratio similar to an actual business card (3.5 x 2 inches, or about 336 x 192 pixels)
  2. Implement the Person schema from, and/or the hCard microformat.
  3. Be creative! You no longer have to comply with that flat piece of paper you used to call a business card. Add animation, links, whatever you want.


  1. Add your card to our directory. It's called the Rolodex, a collection of s created by others. Add yours here.

Not so savvy with code, or happy to use something pre-made? See our examples above.

Most definitely!

The project is totally free and open for all. It's not a business. We are just like-minded folks who're done with physical business cards.

Please, join us.

A pair of web developers from the Gold Coast.

Dwight Gunning was somewhat embarrased when he came up with the concept. Jordan Gardiner helped pull it into shape.

It's really a spin on the nownownow project by Greg Albritton and Derek Sivers

Want to lend a hand? We're always looking for contributors to the project. View the project on GitHub.

Submit your card

We're planning a new section of this site that will gather a listing of business cards. Given the distributed nature of the project, this is totally optional.

Submit the URL for you card to let us know you'd be interested to see such a thing. We'll let you know when it comes online.


Thanks for submitting your details. We'll be in touch with progress on the Rolodex.